The Pumpkin Blaze

Also in November, I went to The Pumpkin Blaze. It was alittle late since it wasn’t October, but this was actually a great time to go! I’ve been previous times in October and it is so packed… you walk on the path like cattle. November was the perfect time to go… no lines, no crowds, you had space to walk and take your time. So, what is The Pumpkin Blaze? It’s a “path/exhibit” of more than 4,000 hand carved pumpkins! They have ghosts, dinosaurs, spiders, vampires, witches, Frankenstein, etc all made out of pumpkins! They even have under the sea scenes, pirates, fairies, a grandfather clock, etc. It’s pretty cool! Here are some pics…

pb b                                          Spider made out of pumpkins

pb g                            Jack-in-the-Boxes entirely made out of pumpkins… they worked too! Every few minutes a giant carved pumpkin head would pop out from the top!

pb f

pb ffThis giant archway was new this year. There were a ton of tiny pumpkins carved into skulls. Frankenstein was pretty amazing too!

pb cc                                close up of the ceiling of the archway =)

– Kristin xO


Snow snow snow!

So a week after Hurricane Sandy, we got hit with a snow storm! Because of the gas crisis, Sabrina and I decided to car pool to work the first week back. We went back on Monday and the snow came on Wednesday. Wednesday morning, I drove my car to Sabrina’s & left it there because I had class later that night. Sabrina drove to NJ. By the end of the work day,  flurries started. Half way home, it was a full blown storm! Our 50 minute commute turned into 3 HOURS 😦 When we got back to her neighborhood, we could not get to her house! There are so many hills and her car kept getting stuck then sliding backwards (scary!) We decided to try to make it to my house, she would sleep over, and early in the morning we would shovel my car out from in front of her house. Her gas light also came on during the trip (just great!) I obviously missed my class and Sabrina had to call out of her second job. We stopped at a Starbucks on the way back to my house because we said, “F it… might as well get a Chai Latte and relax alittle after our 3 hour ride, sliding all over hills, and missing class and work!”

snow 1snow 2 snow 3snow 4                         Finally made it… snowed in for the night.

snow 5                              woke up at 5:30… shoveled Sabrina’s car out a little bit because of course my street was NOT plowed… got gas and luckily there was NO LINE! 😀 We thought her street wouldn’t be plowed because mine wasn’t and it usually never is, but to our pleasant surprise, it was!! So I didn’t even have to shovel my car out… SCORE! And we were off to work (on time!)

snow 6

– Kristin xO

Halloween Night 2!

Halloween this year was actually on a Wednesday. I felt so bad for kids because in most places, Halloween was CANCELLED due to Hurricane Sandy 😦 it was also cancelled last year in alot of cities and towns because of a blizzard! So for TWO YEARS IN A ROW, Halloween had to be “re-scheduled”.

By this time, most people were going stir crazy sitting in their cold houses without power. Sabrina and I dressed up and went to dinner and the bar and let me tell you, it was PACKED! You could barely move. People were just trying to get out of their house, charge their phones, and trying to have some fun.

halloween 3

halloween 2

halloween 5

– Kristin xO

Recap: November… Hurricane Sandy

I didn’t write about anything that happened in November… probably because not much did. Hurricane Sandy hit at the very end of October… I was out of work for 9 days and lost power at my house for 5.

So, the day the hurricane hit, my sister lost power at 7pm while she was cooking dinner lol She came over with my brother in law, niece, nephew, their cat, and their dinner (half made!) My mom finished cooking and we had a feast lol Then, at 10pm, WE lost power! There were 6 people sleeping in my little house. My parents slept in their room, my brother in law in my room while me, my sister, niece and nephew all slept on the pull out couch… very uncomfortable. My sister was lucky and her power came back on the next day. Therefore, we were at her house the entire week showering, etc. 🙂

sandy a

sandy aadinner & sundaes during the hurricane!

sandy b No power… making sundaes by candlelight and flashlight

sandy bb sandy d

sandy ff sandy g

sandy gg sandy hh      Some of the damage around my neighborhood. Luckily, I don’t live by water so the only real damage was fallen trees.

sandy h  sandy           I felt so bad for the people living in Breezy Point. All of the houses in one section were burned 😦 It was pretty unbelievable watching the news. It was so sad to see Breezy Point, Long Island, NYC, and The Jersey Shore (houses were gone, sand up to 5 feet high was covering the streets and homes, boardwalks and amusement parks were washed away). It was crazy to see. I don’t think anyone expected Sandy to be this bad, since Irene wasn’t that bad. NY never gets hit with bad hurricanes, so we don’t have good preparation.

sandy 1 sandy 3

sandy 2NYC… just crazy.

sandy ii Went through all my clothes for donations… jackets, sweaters, sweatshirt, jeans, shirts, shorts… everything!!

sandy dd sandy e

sandy ee Then, everyone went crazy over gas. There was traffic everywhere! Stations were running out… Lines were incredible. I waited 2 hours on a gas line and I couldn’t even fill up my tank because where I live, they started to ration it to 10 gallons only.

sandy iThe first day back at work, my boss gave us time to get settled and do what we had to. I live in NY and work in NJ so I NEEDED GAS!! One of my co-workers took me to her town because there wasn’t a limit. We both got some containers and filled up 🙂

Right now, it’s January and people are still facing the effects of this. There’s still uprooted trees in my neighborhood and broken sidewalks. I wonder when it will all get fixed. At least most of the city is back to normal.

– Kristin xO


So far, I haven’t really seen the world. So many people I know who are my age (or even younger!) have traveled to Europe, South America, Asia, etc either for fun or abroad during college and I’ll admit… I’m jealous!! I’ve mostly been to islands and of course places in America… This because of lack of time (Working full time and being a full time grad student sucks alot of spare time away), lack of money (once grad school is over, which hopefully with be THIS May, I really need to SAVE!), and a fear of flying (I just need to grow a pair of balls and get over it. You’ll never see the world without getting on an airplane). So, one definite goal of mine is to TRAVEL 😀 I found these pictures on Pinterest and I ❤ them…

travel 1

travel 2

travel 3

travel n

– Kristin xO